RPK-9 MEDVEDKA / SS-N-29 gallery

The Medvedka or SS-N-29 system consists of the 440mm launchers, the missiles and the fire control system. This last device stores and coordinates all the parameters of both the missiles and targets. Finally, a ground support system facilitates storage and maintenance of the missiles in bases and the operation with mobile units.
The system allows attacking submarines from 15 to 500 meters deep and up to 20 km away. The Medvedka can be used even in Sea State 6, which gives it great flexibility. It is a system of the same type as the retired British Ikara or the French Malkara missiles.
The missile is a non-guided type and its warhead is composed by a 324mm MPT-1UE homing torpedo that carries an explosive charge of 76 kg. The Medvedka system can be installed by modules of 2, 4 and 8 missiles, with a respective weight of 9.2, 12 and 19.4 tons, and can be fired in salvo mode.

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