PRAHAAR gallery

In less than 2 years the DRDO laid the groundwork for a new short-range missile that would allow both tactical and strategic attack on high-value targets. For this task, a multiple launcher with 6 missiles was installed on a huge Tatra 12×12 TEL.
The missiles can be armed with HE, submunitions or Nuclear warheads of about 200 kg of weight. The system allows a multiple missile launching, directing each one to a different objective thanks to its inertial guidance system complemented by several radars and electro-optical equipment.
In 2011. during the first firing test, the missile traveled 150 km in 250 seconds at an average speed of Mach 1.8. The missile hit 10 meters from the marked target indicating exceptional accuracy.
The firing of the missile is normally carried out at an angle of 89º, although it is possible to make launches in salvo mode with variable azimuth. The quick reloading of the missiles allows to perform a type of attack called “ripple firing mode”, in which a second wave of missiles are fired before the first ones have reached their targets.
At ADEX 2013 fair, held in Seoul, South Korea, was presented a new version of Prahaar for the export market. This new missile is called Pragati and is offered to allied and friends countries only.
The Pragati missile shares up to 95% of components with Prahaar missile, but has an estimated range of about 170 km. It has several HE and submunitions warheads, similar to those of Prahaar and it seems that this variant has an advanced system to modify its final trajectory that allows it to escape detection of any enemy locating radar.

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