SHERSHEN gallery

The Shershen, (Hornet), is a modern third-generation SACLOS laser-guided missile capable of destroy any type of vehicle, including tanks. The system can use two types of missiles; the 130mm caliber RK-2 and the 152mm caliber P-2B, both with two different warheads; the RK-2S tandem HEAT type, specific for “hard skinned” targets, and the RK-20F HE fragmentation type for “soft skinned” vehicles and bunkers. The RK-2 missile can penetrate up to 800mm of armour and P-2B penetrates up to 1,100mm, even behind a reactive layer, thanks to its double explosive charge arranged in tandem.
This system has a panel to remotely fire the missile. Through the cable channel can be launched from 100 meters away, but by radio this distance increases to 300 meters. The missile’s trajectory of flight is similar to the one carried out by the anti-ship missiles, ascending up to 10 meters height, and then “diving” on the vehicle reaching it in the upper zone, the most vulnerable part.
The missile can be guided manually to the target by the operator, keeping the target illuminated by the laser, or it can be guided automatically, selecting the target and remotely controlling the missile during its flight. The missile is ready to fire within two minutes after it is positioned. In this image we could see a “Shershen-DM” on a Canadian Spartan light armoured vehicle.
The portable system is composed by a retractable tripod, the missile container, the control system, and the command launch unit with the TV guidance system and the thermal sights. There are 4 variants of the Shershen missile: the basic, the short range “L” variant, the “D” variant and the “Q” variant. “D” variant is composed by two side-by-side mounted 130mm missiles, (as in the image). Finally, the “Q” variant is designed to be installed on vehicles and is composed by a retractable or fixed turret with four missiles, similar to the Russian Kornet-D model.

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