KONI class gallery

Koni class was an attempt to equip friendly USSR Navies with a limited anti submarine capacity ship at a reduced price, but unfortunately, the attempt did not have the expected success.
The Soviet Delfin frigate was actually a training ship for foreign crews. In 1990 it was sold to the Bulgarian Navy, which continues to use her under the name of Smeli.
Naval Forces from Algeria, Bulgaria, Cuba, East Germany, Libya, Egypt and Yugoslavia operated with the Koni class. They were classified as ASW frigates, but their armament for this role was very limited.
(F-212 Al Hani image). Libya bought 2 units classified as Koni II class. They had two SS-N-2C Styx twin missile launchers, 406mm USET-95 torpedoes and a single RBU-6000 ASW mortar as armament. Currently is the only survivor ship after the Libyan War.

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