JOAO BELO class gallery

Comandante Joao Belo ship, of the Portuguese Navy, with the original armament arrangement. This was composed by three 100 mm guns and a triple 324 mm ECAN L3 torpedo launcher on each band as main weapons.
The Portuguese Cte. Sacadura Cabral ship received Mk.36 torpedoes, a SQS-510 sonar, SRBOC Mk.35 chaff dispensers and the SEWACO FD combat system in the mid-1990s modernization.
The Portuguese Cte. Hermenegildo Capelo corvette was retired in 2004 and was sent to the bottom of the sea in 2013 as part of the “Ocean Revival” program in El Algarve area.
The Uruguayan Navy Uruguay ship, (ex Cte. Joao Belo), continues in service, although without Exocet missiles, so she is only suitable for surveillance and control of maritime traffic.

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