OURAGAN class gallery

These ships were multipurpose and could carry out several missions, such as troops landing, logistical transport, flagship and command ship, and even as a repair ship, being able to accommodate vessels of up to 450 tons of displacement inside their well deck. Here we see the two components of the class, the Ouragan, on the left, and the Orage at her side.
On this aerial view we can observe one of the possible disposition of the ship. Next to the bridge is the fixed flight deck, and over the well deck, we could see another one installed temporarily, (with the number “2” painted on it). It is clearly visible how the well deck is significantly reduced due to this installation.
This aft view of an Ouragan class ship allows us to see the retractable gate that allows the passage of the landing craft. It could accommodate up to two large LCT crafts, although the usual was to carry 1 CDIC type for 350 tonnes payload plus 4 CTM type for 30 tonnes payload along with 10 AMX-10 armoured vehicles and about 20 more vehicles.
The L-9021 Ouragan and her sister ship served for more than 40 years within the Marine Nationale, providing valuable services in many international missions. They partipated in the Operation Daguet, the French intervention during the 1991 Gulf War. Although their withdrawal was scheduled for 1993, they remained active until 2007, when the Mistral class ships entered service.
The L-9021 Ouragan could operate with the large Super Frelon cargo helicopter and with the Alouette III utility helicopter, carrying 1 and 3 units respectively. Since 1993 its defensive armament consisted of two twin Matra Simbad air defense missile launchers, 2 or 3 30mm Mauser guns and four 12.7mm machine guns. Both vessels carried two Racal-Decca 34A navigation radar and a Thomson-CSF DRBV 51A air/surface radar.
Here we see the L-9021 Ouragan with a Puma helicopter transported on the bridge platform, because the ship did not have an hangar to house it. We could see two 35 tons capacity cranes used to facilitate loading tasks. These ships could transport 18 heavy or 80 light helicopters or a load consisting in about 180 vehicles or different types of containers.
This is the L-9022 Orage ship, which for a time was assigned to the French Nuclear Experimental Center in the Pacific. For this purpouse was endowed with a closed bridge and a modular installation on the well deck that allowed her to exercise as a floating Headquarter for the nuclear tests. The Orage had a more powerful power plant and other differences compared to Ouragan, such as the lack of a sonar, which was removed in 1993 during the refit works.

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