IVAN ROGOV class gallery

The Ivan Rogov class ships supposed a great advance in the Soviet Navy’s amphibious capacity in the 80s. With these ships they were able to place in the beach great amount of troops and equipment in a single operation, with helicopters, landing crafts, hovercrafts and amphibious vehicles.
The maximum load capacity was about 2,500 tons and its landing strength used to be about 500 soldiers and 25 light tanks or armoured vehicles. The ability to load more vehicles could be modified transforming the well deck into a parking area, and then she carry up to 80 vehicles or 50 tanks.
Under the bow there was a cover for vehicles, which could be connected by hydraulic ramps to the upper deck in the middle area of the ship, significantly increasing the load capacity.
Ivan Rogov class had four embarked Ka-25 or Ka-29 Helix helicopters, which were stored in the hangar located at the rear of the superstructure. For their operation they had 5 landing points distributed in 2 flight decks in front of and behind the superstructure.
The 79 meter long well dock had capacity to house two Lebed class LCAC, (previously loaded), plus an Ondatra class medium landing craft or three Gus class LCAC vehicles.
Ivan Rogov class were powerfully armed if compared to the current ships. They had a twin SA-N-4 Gecko anti-aircraft missile launcher, two 76.2mm dual purpose twin guns, four AKG-630 30mm multitube mountings, two quadruple SA-N-5 Grail missile launchers and one 122mm Grad rocket launcher.
The electronic equipment was really remarkable, with a “Top Plate A” 3D surveillance radar, two “Don Kay” navigational radars, two “Squeeze Box” fire control directors, fire control radars for guns and missiles, five control radars, one IFF system, three “Bell Shroud” ESM systems, two “Bell Squat” ECM systems, 20 decoy launchers and one VDS “Mouse Tail” sonar.
Mitrofan Moskalenko ship was the newest within the class and was only in service for 12 years, serving with the Northern Fleet from the Severomorsk base. In 2002 she went to the reserve and in 2014 it was intended to sell for scrapping, but with the cancellation of the Mistral class ships, in 2015 it was decided to keep it in reserve.

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