HARUNA class gallery

(Haruna ship). Both ships carry the names of two Kongo‘s class battlecruisers sunk during WWII, and although fortunately they have not had to fight in any war, they demonstrated optimal capabilities for the assigned mission.
(Haruna ship). The two Haruna class helicopter-destroyers were the first medium-sized vessels to carry three helicopters with the large dimensions of the SH-3 Sea King. These helicopters had a greater range and performance than helicopters embarked by any other destroyer class in the World.
(Haruna ship). The flight deck had a length of about 50 meters and allowed two helicopters operating simultaneously. After the 1983-84 modernization, a Canadian origin system called “beartrap” was installed to facilitate the landing of helicopters with bad sea conditions.
(Hiei ship). In 1983-84 it was decided to modernize Haruna and Hiei in their electronic equipment, but mainly in their anti-aircraft weapons that had been outdated. An octuple Sea Sparrow Mk.29 SAM missile launcher and two 20mm Vulcan Phalanx CIWS were installed, along with chaff launchers and an OYQ-6/7 combat control system.
(Hiei ship). The powerful ASW armament consisted of 3 Sea King helicopters, the octuple ASROC launcher and two Mark 32 triple torpedo tubes with Mk.46 torpedoes. The anti-ship and anti-surface tasks were carried out by two 127mm automatic guns capable of firing 40 rounds per minute.

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