Tatra T-813 Kolos gallery

Tatra T-813 heavy truck was in production for about 15 years and about 12,000 trucks were manufactured in different variants, both civilian and military. Some units have been modified for trial competitions with huge success.
The truck has independent suspension to 8 wheels, which gives excellent off-road capabilities. The driver has a centralized device to regulate the pressure of the tires.
The T-813 is quite light, weighing just over 14 tons, and can carry up to 12 tons on its chassis or tow up to 65 tons per road. On unpaved tracks it is reduced to 8 and 12 tons respectively.
Here a T-813 towed a platform with a 32 tons T-34/85 medium tank. Its 270 hp diesel engine is not very powerful for the current standards, but its capacity is very high as this image shows.

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