Liebherr LTM-1055-3.1 gallery

Liebherr LTM 1055-3.1 mobile crane is basically a civilian model with some specific military equipment, but not very different from those operating in hundreds of construction companies.
French Armed Forces deploys their mobile cranes witn engineers units for works that go from recovery missions, to construction or container’s handling.
LTM 1055-3.1 crane weighs 36 tons, measures more than 11 meters in length and 2.54 in width with a height of 3.70 meters. The 6×6 chassis has 4 folding hydraulic outriggers that allows to work with a very stable base.
Takes a minute to lift the boom from horizontal to a maximum of 83º, and it takes 4 minutes to fully extend the boom to 40 meters height. The boom has 200 meters of 15mm thick steel cable that withstand a maximum single line pull of 45 kN.
This mobile crane carries 7 tons of counterweights that can be increased to 12 tons if necessary. Also it is possible install a double folding jib that increases the working height to 66 meters with maximum suspended load of 3 tons to a maximum 9 meters distance from the vehicle.

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