Gaz GT-T gallery

The GT-T was designed to operate under extreme cold conditions, so it has special heating equipment and pre-heating equipment for the fluids that circulate through the engine.
Its lightness allows it to have good mobility in soft or very snowy terrains, reaching 45 km/h on land or 6 km/h in water. It is not amphibious, but it can cross watercourses with some preparation.
This is the GT-T DKV 1S NBC decontamination vehicle, a specialized variant to clean vehicles attacked with chemical, bacteriological and nuclear agents.
The GT-T DKV 1S NBC decontamination vehicle was the last of the GT-T family to remain in service with first line units, although they have now been withdrawn.
This is the GT-TM tractor, which was the last version of the GT-T. A new design of the front of the vehicle and the extension of the rear of the cabin is appreciated.
Another visible detail is the greater separation between the 5th and 6th roadwheel, with what has been achieved a greater length of the chassis to be able to carry more cargo in the rear part of the vehicle.

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