Sd Kfz 233 7.5cm gallery

In the Sd Kfz.233 or Gerät 87, the frontal hull armour was increased up to 30mm, twice as much as in the Sd Kfz.231, although the total weight of the vehicle barely grew 400 kg, maintaining the same mobility features.
The guns mounted in the Sd Kfz.233 vehicles were those that were dismounted from the Panzer III and IV medium tanks, which changed the 75mm L/24 caliber gun for longer and greater power guns.
The gun could fire the “K Gr rot Pz” anti-armoured ammunition with a weight of 6.80 kg and a muzzle velocity of 385 m/s that could penetrate 33mm of steel at 1,000 meters or 41mm at 100 meters distance.

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