M-35/35A1 gallery

In 1967, with the increasing number of Vietcong attacks on the supply columns, the US Army’s Transport Groups took contingency measures, giving rise to the famous “gun-trucks”. In this “Iron Butterfly” have been installed a 12.7 and a 7.62mm machine guns.
One of the first units to transform their trucks was the 8th Transport Group, which initially carried out their missions by coastal zones. Later, this Unit performed its task by Hue and Da Nang area, transporting about 90,000 tons of ammunition and supplies per month.
M-35A1 trucks were mainly transformed, although it was always attempted to modify the most modern ones. Usually, these trucks were fitted with a 140 hp Continental LDS-427-2 multi-fuel Turbo engine, one of the most used by the Army since 1953.
Between 300 to 400 gun trucks were manufactured and distributed in batteries assigned to different Artillery Regiments. This is the “I dream of Charlie” that carries a quadruple M55 assembly that could also perform antiaircraft tasks in addition to those of convoy escort.
Gun trucks were normally deployed to protect convoys on paved or compacted roads. Their position within the convoys varied constantly to prevent the enemy from observing a pattern of use. The trucks suffered enormous wear and tear due to overweight but they rendered invaluable services in Vietnam.

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