M-9A1 half track gallery


The M-9A1 was a successful vehicle emerged as part of the North American lend-lease policy to help their Allies in the fight against the Axis forces. This one belongs to the Tank Museum’s collection, Dorset, England.
The vehicle is externally identical to the American M-5, and like this one, had problems with the protection, because it did not have face hardened armour, which made it more vulnerable than other models to enemy fire. To compensate this weakness, it was decided to use homogeneous armour, that increased the weight of the vehicle.
On the left an M-9A1 along with an M-2, the similarity of both models can be observed, although there are clearly differences in the front bumper and the the winch arrangement.
This is an M-9 half-track restored and decorated as a component of the US Army, although it must be said that this model never served with its units. The M-9 could transport up to 10 soldiers through roughly terrain with some degree of protection.
Many of the M-9 in service were converted to perform different specialized roles. In the British Army there were communications, medical, engineers and recovery variants that remained in service until 1966. This vehicle belongs to the I.W.M. Duxford’s collection, Cambridgeshire, England.

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