OHIO modified class gallery

During conversion works, the so-called ROH (refueling and overhaul), was also carried out. On the ROH operation, the spent nuclear fuel is exchanged and all the necessary improvements are made. These works took 36 months to complete, which gives an idea of the importance of the modifications made.
Ohio SSGN submarines can not carry nuclear weapons under the START II treaty agreements, however, they have an overwhelming destruction capacity. A single submarine carries as many Tomahawk TLAM cruise missiles as a whole US Navy surface battle group !!
One of the special equipments with which the Ohio SSGNs have been equipped is the DDS or dry deck shelter. This removable system allows divers to enter and exit while the submarine is submerged.
With this conversion, it is expected that the four modified Ohio SSGNs are in service until 2026, when they will be replaced by new Virginia class submarines, specially adapted for these tasks with the installation of the so-called “Virginia Payload Module”.
(USS Ohio boat). In addition to the Tomahawk missiles, they have four 533mm torpedo tubes armed with long range Mk.48 heavy torpedoes. The Tomahawk TLAM have a range of up to 2,500km depending on the version and the torpedoes up to 50km at 50 knots.


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