J class gallery

(J-1 boat). On November 5, 1916, J-1 submarine encountered a 4 German battleships formation and fired a salvo of 4 torpedoes, hitting the SMS Grosser Kurfürst and the SMS Kronprinz, causing them serious damage. Another submarine of the class, the J-2, sank the U-99 German submarine in July 1917.
(J-5 boat). In addition to their torpedo tubes, class J had a 102mm gun placed in the front of the conning tower. These submarines had very remarkable capacities, although they did not reach the performance for which they were created. Nonetheless, their armament and range had no rival within the Royal Navy.
(J-7 boat). J-7 was the last of the class to be built and entered service in 1917.  Her design differed from the rest of the class, having a different conning tower style. She was the last of the class to be decommissioned by the Australian Navy in 1927, being scuttled at the Sandringham Yacht Club in 1930, where her wreck can still be seen.

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