YANKEE class gallery

Yankee class was the first in the USSR to carry their missiles inside the hull, and to be able to fire them submerged. The first 20 units had 16 SS-N-6 mod.1 Sawfly missiles with 2,400 km range and a single 1Mt nuclear warhead. The following 13 units carried the SS-N-6 mod.3 missile with 3,000 km range and 3 MRVs of 200 kt each and the last of the series carried 12 SS-N-17 Snipe missiles with 3,800 km range and a single 500kt nuclear warhead.
During Cold War, 3 or 4 Yankee class submarines were on permanent patrol on the east coast of the United States prepared to destroy the SAC bomber alert bases and other communications centers that could disrupt the American higher command echelons. Furthermore, these attacks would have paved the way for their own ICBM missiles.
This class mounted two pressurized water cooled nuclear reactors that developed about 30,000 shp and allowed them a submerged speed of 30 knots. It seems that Yankee class were quite noisy, as was “tradition” in the Red Fleet, which made them easily detectable by Western anti-submarine forces.
This is a “Yankee Notch” or Project 667AT submarine. Four boats were converted into attack submarines with the assembly of eight 533mm torpedo tubes that could fire the SS-N-21 Sampson cruise missiles with 3,000 km range . A new middle section was installed that increased the total length to 141.5 meters and increased the displacement to 11,500 tons submerged.
This is the K-411, the only unit from the Yankee Stretch or Project 09774 type. This submarine serves as mothership for Paltus class mini submarines for special missions. This boat has no missiles and it is believed that performs rescue missions or intelligence gathering tasks.

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