OAKLEAF gallery

RFA Oakleaf was built in Sweden in 1981, but served in command of the British Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) which is in charge of providing vital support to the Royal Navy’s Combat Fleet.
Before being delivered to the RFA, the ship had to be prepared for its military career, with refueling facilities and with British Navy’s standardized communications equipment.
Despite its excellent carrying capacity, some 29,000 tons, the ship was strangely never deployed in combat missions like the rest of the RFA’s support tankers.
The ship had a computerized system (RISC) for the management of its provision stores, where it could be found from food, drink or clothing to spare parts if necessary.
RFA Oakleaf participated during 1994 in Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti, as part of an International task force. In 1995, she helped the Island of Montserrat after destruction caused by volcanic activity.


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