LEAF class gallery

HMAS Westralia, (ex-RFA Appleleaf and ex-Hudson Cavalier). She participated in the 1982 Falklands War, and in 1989 she was transferred to Australia. It belonged to the STa T.32 class oil tankers.
RFA Bayleaf, (ex-Hudson Sound), fought in the Falklands War, in the 1991 First Gulf War and in the 2003 Second Gulf War She was decommissioned in 2011 after brilliant services.
RFA Orangeleaf, (ex-Balder London), was purchased by the MoD in 1984 and since then, she participated in all military campaigns carried out by British Forces. Even in its civil stage, it was in the Falklands War.
RFA Orangeleaf was the last of its class to be decomissioned. It had two replenishment rigs to transfer the fuel in navigation. They carried gas oil and aviation fuel and could not operate with helicopters.


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