M-1910 14in (356mm) gun gallery

These assemblies were not widely used despite the hypothetical effectiveness of the system. Some disapearing guns were still in service during WWII, although their actions was sparse. These M1910 guns are mounted on dissapearing type carriage M1907M1.
There were single-gun batteries in the Philippines, Panama and Hawaii among other places. Initially the gun was of 34 calibres limited by the facilities of Panama, but after four guns manufactured, it was decided to extend them to 40 calibers.
The M1907 carriage allowed a maximum elevation of 20 degrees, more than all other guns of this type. It also had a new recoil buffer system built in the counterweight along with a new piston mounted on the floor of the same.
The maximum range was about 20,500 meters, limited by the type of carriage and probably by the fire control system. They were not used during the WWI although they were prepared to be use during the Japanese advance through the Pacific in WWII.

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