M-3 37mm anti tank gun gallery

After many years trying to improve the “trench guns” acquired in France in 1918 and after producing the unsuccessful 37mm M2 anti tank gun in 1929, the M3 gun appeared in 1938. Finally, an anti-tank gun designed entirely for this function was born.
The 56.6 calibers barrel in length, was mounted on a two wheeled split trail carriage with shield and hydro spring recoil system and had a 30 degree traverse on each side. The system weighed less than 500 kg, which made it easily towable by any vehicle, even by jeeps.
Although more powerful antitank ammunition was developed, its maximum armour penetration capacity was 61mm from 460 meters away, something completely useless against medium and heavy German tanks from 1941. On the other hand, it was more effective against Japanese tanks, equipped with “softer skin”.
The production reached more than 18,700 guns in only 4 years, but even just appeared, its effectiveness was already very limited. In the European front it was soon replaced by the much more powerful British 57mm anti-tank gun, remaining for anti-tank tasks only in the Pacific.

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