FH-70 gallery

Along with the FH-70, a range of new ammunition was developed for this piece that had to meet minimum requirements. Some of this requirements were to have an autonomous engine for short movements, 24 km of minimum range, being able to fire all the 155mm NATO ammunition and a high firing rate.
The FH-70‘s semi-automatic loading system allows a firing rate of 12 shots during one minute, six shots per minute and a sustained rate of 2 shots per minute during one hour. The new ammunition was a high explosive high capacity projectile, (HEHC), the DM-105 smoke shell and the DM-106 lighting shell, which illuminates the battlefield for 1 minute with 1 million candlepower.
The aiming elements consist of a hike, a goniometer and a direct aiming telescope. The telescope has a field of vision of 270 degrees and an increase of x6. The FH-70 has an elevation angle from -5.5º to + 70º and a traverse of 27.5º on each side.
The piece is equipped with an autonomous engine for short movements and battery entry. It is a 1,700 ccm, 70 hp Volkswagen engine that allows it to reach 16 km/h and allows the activation of a hydraulic pump to raise and lower the wheels, opening masts, fixing the plows and turning the tube to the fire position.
Each originary country ended up calling the howitzer in a somewhat different way. Germany as the FH 155-1, UK as the L-121 and Italy remained faithful to the initial designation. Around 1,000 pieces have been manufactured, most remaining in service today.
Currently, Japan is the largest user of this howitzer with about 420 in service. Germany and the UK no longer have them in service, Italy maintains at least 72 pieces in its arsenals and Saudi Arabia has about 50 of the M-114 variant.
FH-70‘s range is 24 km with normal ammunition, and about 30 km with RAP ammunition (rocket assisted projectile). It is possible to use the American guided “Copperhead” projectile and all those used by NATO howitzers.
This howitzer was the basis to develope a joint program for a new self-propelled howitzer designed as SP-70, although finally the project was cancelled in the early 80’s. The system used the same howitzer and the same ammunition but was exceeded in the tests by the M-109 that it intended to replace.
The howitzer has a crew of at least 8 servers distributed as: 1 chief of piece, 1 pointer, 1 reloader, 2 in aiming tasks and 3 ammunition suppliers.

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