M-10 / M-10A1 GMC gallery 2

Free France received 227 M-10 tank destroyer who fought in Italy, France and Germany. It is said, (although it is very doubtful), that during “Liberation of Paris” an M-10 nicknamed “Sirocco” knocked out a Panther tank from 1,800 meters away. This M-10 belongs to the Saumur’s Armored Vehicles Museum, France and although it is not known if it is the original “Sirocco”, this is how this vehicle has been baptized, which is in an excellent running condition.
Canada began receiving M-10 in February 1944. These vehicles were distributed in batteries assigned to the Antitank Regiments and were used in Italy since April 1944 and later in the invasion of Normandy. Then, they were replaced by the British variant, the Achilles, armed with the 17 pdr gun. Here we see a Canadian M-10 equipped to the brim with roadwheels, a spare track, fuel jerrycans, track grousers and up to two drive sprockets!

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