LVTR-7 / AAVR-7A1 gallery

In 1972, Spain acquired a unique LVTR-7 ito support its LVTP-7 fleet that composes the Amphibious Tractor Company within the Tercio de Armada’s, (Navy Marines), Special Weapons Group. The unit is completed with 16 LVTP-7 troop carrier variant and 2 LVTC-7 command and communications variant.
Between 1998 and 2000 all Spanish amphibious vehicles were converted to the modernized version, changing the original designation to the current AAVR-7A1. The works were carried out by CAF (Auxiliary Railway Company) and the investment was about 36 million euros.
During the update the capacities have been altered, passing the crane’s lifting capacity from 4,300 to 3,000kg and the winch capacity from 13,500 to 15,000kg. However, it continues to maintain the specific equipment such as an air compressor, a portable water pump, battery charger and oxygen-acetylene tanks for welding works.
The usual crew of the AAV-7A1 is three people, but in the case of the AAVR-7A1 this is increased to 5, having two additional mechanics. The US Marine Corps currently has about 60 vehicles of this type in service.
The AAVR-7A1 RAM/RS lacks a turret and the armament is limited to a 7.62mm machine gun in a pintle mount. During its 1999 modernization received a new and more powerful 525hp Cummins diesel engine and the same suspension as the Bradley IFV. These improvements took place because due to the weight gain, the mobility capacities were being seriously depleted in some cases.

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