A22D CHURCHILL Gun Carrier 3in gallery

The Churchill A22D program began in September 1941 with a forecast of building 100 vehicles, but in December of that same year the order was drastically reduced. It was decided that Churchill tank chassis stored in the factory should be finished as infantry tanks carrying the 6-pounder gun.
The Vauxhall company was responsible for the manufacture and a hundred QF 3 in 20 cwt AA guns were delivered to them. These guns were being replaced by 3.7-inch guns in the air defense units and were available at this time. The first vehicle could be tested in February 1942 with positive results, but none of the vehicles entered into operational service.
It was decided that this Gun Carrier was in charge of testing the experimental “Snake” mine-clearing line charge equipment. Later, during 1943 and 1944 these Churchill A22Ds would be in charge of training the Engineers units that would participate in the D-Day landings in Normandy.
Although unpleasant aspect, it seems that could have been an efficient tank destroyer thanks to its thick frontal armor and its gun’s high rate of fire, but the advances with the 17-pdr gun sentenced it to a premature end without being able to demonstrate its combat effectiveness.

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