VT-55A / ZS-55A gallery

(VT-55AM image). From 1969 to 1983, more than 430 VT-55A recovery vehicles and ZS-55A engineering vehicles were manufactured in Czechoslovakia. Both vehicles were framed in tank regiments both in the Armored Divisions and in the Mechanized Divisions.
(VT-55AM image). The VT-55A is a modification of a T-55A tank chassis with specific equipment. The main winch has a maximum pulling force of 75 tons using double pulley and has 200 meters of 28mm thick steel cable. It also has an auxiliary winch with a maximum traction force of 17.5 tons along with 400 meters of 6.3mm thick cable.
(VT-55AM image). The crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 1,500kg, although in its maximum extension of 4 meters the capacity is reduced to 1,200kg. Since 1978, the capacity was increased to 2,000kg and 1,600 kg with the boom fully extended.The boom has a free working field of only 220º, since being mounted on one side of the vehicle its turning radius is quite limited.
This is the variant for engineers designated as ZS-55A, which is essentially a VT-55A to which a BTU-55 dozer blade has been added. Both vehicles can wade depths of up to 5 meters thanks to a deep fording snorkel tube housed under the crane arm.
(ZS-55A image). The hull of both vehicles is divided into the driver compartment, commander compartment, engine compartment and winch compartment. The crew consists of three people and the vehicle has no fixed weapons although the crew has portable weapons and several RPG-7 rocket launchers.
(ZS-55A image). They have installed an anchor spade in the rear of the vehicle that is stuck in the ground to stabilize the vehicle in jobs where its necessary to pull heavy weights and avoid slipping.
(ZS-55A image). The mechanism of the main winch is housed in a space located between the engine and the commander compartments and is separated by a bulkhead. The traction is performed by a hydraulic system consisting of two independent high pressure circuits with their own oil tank each.
(ZS-55A image). In addition to the winches and the crane, both vehicles carry welding and flame cutting equipment between their normal endowment and often carry spare parts and loads on the rear platform. This platform is metalic, removable and with foldable sidebars and measures 2.50 meters long by 1.60 meters wide and can accommodate up to 3 tons of cargo.
(ZS-55A image). The folding part mounted in the middle of the dozer blade serves both to break the soil and to raise land mines buried in the ground. These vehicles have two diesel tanks, one of 480 liters on the frontal part, and another of 380 liters in the rear, with which reaches a maximum range of about 400 km by road.

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