KN-08 RODONG.C gallery

The original KN-08, was presented in public in 2012 and caused deep expectation and concern in the West, although it seems that the system is not sufficiently developed to be a real threat.
The transport erector launcher or TEL, is based on a modified Wanshan WS-51200 chassis, although it is believed that it could not withstand the launch gases and would be destroyed.
Probably North Korea does not have the capacity to manufacture ICBM with solid fuel, which is a clear disadvantage for the range of the missile.
The warhead could be about 700kg in weight, what would allow to mount a nuclear type. It all depends on whether North Korea has the capacity to reduce the size of the explosive device and is able to install it in such a small space.
This is the KN-08 “model 2” presented in 2015. It is believed that there have been no firing tets of this missile and the project may be stopped or be a complete bluff.
Theoretically the KN-08 mod.2 would have a range of 10,000 km, enough to hit Chicago, and although it is believed that its accuracy is far from ideal, it would serve perfectly to attack major cities.

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