RDS.4 / MK-1 gallery

The “Tatyana bomb” was an intensified fission device with a “levitating” plutonium nuclear charge of implosion type. The core consisted of 4.2 kg of plutonium 239 and 6.8 kg of enriched uranium 235 and was surrounded by a thin layer of TNT and RDX explosives to produce the reaction.
The RDS-4 / Mk.1 could to be launch from attack aircrafts as the Il-28 Beagle and Yak-26 Flashlight. It weighed 1,200kg and was 1m in diameter, containing the same plutonium charge as the RDS-2 bomb.
The yield on tests reached 28Kt, but it was increased to 42Kt for the bombs in service, this is a destructive capacity similar to 42,000,000 kg of TNT.

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