LERICI class gallery

(Lerici ship). The Lerici class has 47 crew members, of which 7 are divers. They are responsible for deactivation of mines by placing explosive charges that detonate them if necessary.
(Lerici ship). Lerici class minehunters can track mines, or “hunt” them, at a maximum speed of 6 knots, for which they have a FIAR SQQ-14 high frequency sonar installed in the hull.
(Milazzo ship). The main mine neutralizer device  is the MIN.77 remote control submersible (ROV) that navigates at 5 knots and can be operated from 250m away at depths of 150m from the mother ship.
(Sapri ship). Main neutralization method consist in placing an 85 kg explosive charge to the mine and detonating it. Other method is to raise the “bottom type” mines to the surface and destroy them with 20 mm gun fire.

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