NOVEMBER class gallery

These submarines had eight 533mm torpedo tubes with 20 Type 53-65K and SAET-65 torpedoes. The first were propelled by a turbine, had a range up to 22km and reached up to 70 knots of speed. The SAET-65 were electric propelled and had a range of 13km. Both torpedoes could be launched from depths of 300 meters.
Fourteen submarines were built, one Project 627 type, twelve Project 627A type and one Project 645 type. The K-27 belonged to Project 645 type, which had many differences respect to their sisters, carrying a pair of liquid metal cooled VT-1 reactors in place of two water-cooled reactors VM-A 70 MW.
November class had electronic sensors such as: “Nakat-M” radar reconnaissance, “Prizma” detection radar for surface targets and torpedo control, “Luch” sonar system for detection of underwater obstacle, “Arktika-M” sonar system for target detection, “MG-10” or “Mars-16KP” hydrophone station and “Svet” hydroacoustic signals detection and underwater communication sonar system.

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