IRIS-T gallery

IRIS-T is the acronym for “Infra Red Imaging System Tail / Thrust Vector-Controlled”. This missile has been conceived as the substitute for the AIM-9 Sidewinder missile, in service with numerous countries.
The missile can make turns of up to 60 g and can be fired at targets behind the launcher aircraft, something really unusual even in the current missiles.
Germany, Italy, Norway, Greece, Sweden and Spain, which was the last to join in 2003, are the developers of this missile that appeared in 2005. More than 4,500 missiles have been produced.
Several variants of the IRIS-T missile have been planned, such as the “IDAS” for submarine launch to aerial, land and naval targets. In the image is the dark colored missile in the backgroud.
Along with the “IDAS” variant, there are the IRIS-T “SLS”, (short range), and “SLM”, (medium range). The family is completed with the IRIS-T “SAM” missile for ground launch aerial defense and the IRIS-T “ASM”  missile for air to surface attacks, both developed by Norway.
Spain purchased 770 missiles to equip their F/A-18 Hornet and EF-2000 Typhoon for 291 million euros. This missile has been replacing the veteran AIM.9 Sidewinder from 2011 onwards.

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