A-9 Cruiser Mk.I gallery

This is the prototype presented in 1936 and designated as A9E1. The vehicle was subjected to tests for a year and accepted for production in 1937.
This example belongs to the Tank Museum’s collection in Bovington, England. The tank clearly shows the secondary armament installed on the hull’s front and consisting of two 7.7mm machine guns.
At the beggining it was proposed to install the Rolls Royce Phantom II car engine to reduce costs, but due to the lack of power, the most powerful AEC bus engine was adopted.
The 2 pdr gun, (40mm), was chosen as the main weapon along with 100 40mm rounds housed inside the tank. This weapon was effective against the Italian and German tanks until 1941.
The distinctive “slow motion” type suspension was installed, with triple boogies and Newton hydraulic shock absorbers, the same later adopted for Valentine tank model.
A-9 Cruiser Mk.1 was the first British tank to have an hydraulic powered turret traverse, which allowed it to aim at targets quickly.
The A.9 cruiser tank was deployed with the British Expeditionary Force in France in 1940. In this Campaign its two main shortcomings, speed and armor, became evident.
A.9 tank finished its career in the Desert Campaigns against Rommel’s Afrika Korps in 1941. Here it was a tough opponent for the Italians, but not for its German contemporaries.

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