Bastion-P “SS-C-5 Stooge” gallery

The Bastion-P coastal defence system use the P.800 Oniks / Yakhont anti-ship cruise missile of vertical firing and is the same used in the Indian-Russian Brahmos system. NATO designation is SS-C-5 Stooge for the system and SS-N-26 Strobile for the missile.
The transporter erector launcher (TEL) truck is an 8×8 MZKT-7930 that carries 2 missiles ready for firing. They can be fired in an interval of 5 seconds to different targets and then, the launcher change position to avoid enemy detection.
The Bastion-P is in service with Russia, Syria and Vietnam. It has been used against ground targets by the Syrian Army, wich currently has two active systems. The missile has a 250 kg HE warhead with a delay fuze.
There is a silo-based variant designated as Bastion K.300S, (not this image). This missile is deployed in the Crimean Peninsula since 2015.
Vietnam purchased two systems that are framed within Naval Infantry since 2011. These missiles are deployed in the South China Sea.
In 2016 Russia deployed a Bastion-P system in the Kuril Islands, as part of its campaign to strengthen its defenses. It is operated by the 18th Machine Gun Artillery Division.

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