Mack M-123 gallery

This M-123 carries a 24 tons M-41 light tank on a type M-172 semitrailer. The M-123 was the substitute for the famous and capable Diamond T M-19 and Pacific M-25Dragon Wagon” tank transporters that had such good results in WWII.
On this occasion, the load of this M-123 is a heavy 49 tons M-48A3B Patton MBT, and the semitrailer used is the M-15A1 model. The M-123 was powered by a 13,830 ccm Le Roi T.H844 V8 petrol engine that developed 297 hp at 2,600 rpm.
Rear view of the same loaded M-48A3B MBT, where the huge semitrailer’s  tires of 14.00 x 24 inches are visibles. The first M-123‘s variant had a 20.25 tons capacity dual rear winch to perform recovery of stuck or immobilized vehicles.
In 1968, all 392 M-123 from the first batch were modified to the M-123A1 variant. The double winch was maintained and the engine was replaced by a 300 hp diesel Cummins.
This is the M-123A1C, the most widespread model of the M-123 family, with more than 3,600 manufactured trucks. The M-123 were known as “Big Mack” and they were really quite big trucks, being able to carry loads of 50 tons.
This M-123A1C served in the Dutch army and its clearly visible the single winch behind the cab. This model mounted a low fifth wheel that allowed it to use the M-15 semitrailer for loads of up to 40 tons.


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