FJ-4 / 4B FURY gallery

The FJ-4 / 4B Fury was a breakthrough over previous versions of the Fury. It can be said that it is a completely new aircraft compared to the others, keeping little more than the Wright J65 engine (Armstrong Siddeley Shappire) of their “brothers”.
The first FJ-4 / 4B variant was for fighter missions mainly, with only four underwings hardpoints. The range was greatly increased to perform all weather interceptor missions, where this performance is highly valuable.
This is the FJ-4B variant used by the US Navy and the US Marines. The FJ-4 model was only used by the US Marines in four of their attack squadrons. 152 FJ-4 were built from February 1955 to March 1957.
FJ-4B was a remarkable carrier fighter-bomber. It carried four 20mm guns in the nose and up to 1,400kg of bombs, rockets and missiles under the wings, including nuclear-type bombs.
The years of service of the FJ-4 / 4B were rather scarce. The last FJ-4B arrived at the units in May of 1958, but at the end of 1962, they were only active with the Naval Reserve squadrons, that renamed them AF-1E due to the new designation system adopted by the Navy in 1962.

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