TYPHOON I.A gallery

This is the first prototype of Typhoon I.A, denominated as “P5212”. It was presented on February 24, 1940, unarmed and with the Napier Sabre engine. It had serious structural problems that were solved in 1942 after several fatal accidents.
The resemblance of the new Typhoon I.A with the Hawker Hurricane, from which it was derived, is perfectly appreciated. Although in principle they were destined to replace them, the serious problems at high altitude made this requirement impossible.
Initially, the Typhoon I.A was heavily armed with 12 machine guns on the wings with 500 rounds each, but it was decided to change it by four 20mm guns and a bomb load, becoming a fighter-bomber, mainly for ground attack missions.
Typhoon I.A were deployed alongside Spitfire XII squadrons in the south and southeast of the English coast to stop the Luftwaffe raids. They flew at very low altitude until intercepting incoming aircraft, usually Focke Wulf Fw-190 and Messerschmitt Me 210.
Due to the resemblance of the Typhoon I.A with the german Focke Wulf Fw-190 there were some frindly-fire incidents with allied AA units, even with allied fighters. This events forced to paint the nose in white, and later to paint black and white stripes to be easily identified.
Although the initial order was for 1,000 Typhoon I.A, only 110 were completed according to the initial requirement and were used as low-altitude fighters. British engineers managed to transform an unsuccessful fighter into an exceptional attack aircraft.

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