DONGHAE class gallery

(Donghae ship). This class was composed by ships: PCC-755 Anyang, PCC-751 Donghae, PCC-753 Gangneung and PCC-752 Suwon. Their weapons for surface actions consisting of one 76/62mm Oto Melara Compact gun and four 30mm Emerson Electric guns in two twin mounts.
(Suwon ship). Donghae class had a single antiaircraft defense, the Bofors 40/56mm twin gun that was placed aft superestructure, although due to the type of mission they performed, the confrontation against aircraft would have been very rare.
(Anyang ship). While its antisubmarine armament might not have embarrassed the most modern Western submarines, it was enough against many of the antiquated submersibles and mini submarines of the North Korean Navy.

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