KAREL DOORMAN class gallery

(Van der Hulst ship). The Karel Doorman class are known in the Dutch Navy as “M-type” frigates, by multipurpose, due to the versatility of the missions they perform. They have a CODOG propulsion system, with two Rolls-Royce Spey gas turbine engines and two Stork diesel engines.
(Van Galen ship). These frigates are powerfully armed with 8 Harpoon anti-ship missile launchers, 16 vertical launchers for Sea Sparrow missiles, 2 Mk.32 twin torpedo launchers, 1 Oto Melara 76mm gun, 1 Goalkeeper 30mm CIWS, 2 to 4 12.7mm machine guns, between 2 and 6 7.62 mm machine guns and a ASW NH-90 helicopter armed with Mk.46 torpedoes.
(Van Galen ship). The class was originally formed by ships: Abraham van der Hulst, Karel Doorman, Tjerk Hiddes, Van Amstel, Van Galen, Van Nes, Van Speijk and Willem van der Zaan. Currently Belgium operates with ex-Karel Doorman and ex-Willem van des Zaan, Portugal has ex-Van Nes and ex-Van Galen and Chile has ex-Abraham van der Hulst and ex-Tjerk Hiddes.
(Van Speijk ship). In 2012, the Dutch and Belgian vessels were modernized, adapting the hangar and the helicopter platform to operate with the new NH-90 helicopter. A Thales SeaWatcher 100 phased array surface search radar and a Gatekeeper surveillance system were installed. Both systems allows the location of small objects on the sea surface in all weather condition.
(Van Speijk ship). Two Karel Doorman class frigates together with the 4 Zeven Provincien class destroyers are currently the only surface combat ships in the Dutch Navy. The Netherlands and Belgium are developing a new frigate class to replace them, although they will not be active until 2024 in any case.

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