OSPREY class gallery

(Heron ship). Osprey class was composed by: Black Hawk, Cardinal, Cormorant, Falcon, Heron, Kingfisher, Oriole, Osprey, Pelican, Raven, Robin and Shrike ships, which had a very short period of active duty within the US Navy, some of which Serve only for 8 years.
(Osprey ship). They were minehunters of considerable dimensions, being the second largest class in the world with their more than 900 tons of displacement and their more than 57 meters in length. The crew consisted of 51 people.
(Osprey ship). The advanced AN/SQQ-32 (V) system included two active sonars that allowed the detection and classification of mines as objects on the surface or as objects on the bottom of the sea. Each sonar was handled by an operator in separate panels to compare the detected objects and minimize errors when comparing them with the objects at the bottom of the sea.
(Raven ship). The two sonars that formed the AN/SQQ-32 system were coupled in a single body that was towed and was attached to the ship by a cable that allowed the transmission of data and power to the system.
(Raven ship). Along with the AN / SQQ-32 sonar, another fundamental equipment is the remotely operated underwater vehicle or ROV AN/SLQ-48. This unit can operate at a maximum distance of 1,065 meters, which is the maximum length of the cable that joins the ship doing the role of “umbilical cord”.
(Robin ship). Osprey class come from the Italian Lerici class, but American ships had two main engines instead of one of Lericis. This modification, along with some others, delayed the entry into service and caused an increase in the displacement by 110 tons.

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