BOLZANO gallery

Bolzano cruiser mounted eight 203/53mm Ansaldo M1929 guns, similar to those installed on Trento class cruisers, but lighter in weight. The antiaircraft defense was in charge of sixteen 100mm guns and four 40mm guns.
In 1932, Bolzano cruiser reached 36.81 knots with 173,772 shp, although without main armament, catapults and aircrafts on board, and forcing the machinery by 15 percent. Nevertheless it was a impressive speed.
In 1937, two 100mm stern guns were replaced for a pair of 37/54mm guns to improve antiaircraft capability, and in 1942, the 13.2mm machine guns were replaced for 20mm AA guns.
Bolzano had her first “wounds of war” in July 1940, in the Punto Stilo engagement. She received three medium caliber impacts that barely caused damage.
Although she went out to meet the British Forces on several occasions, only in November 1940 she took action against HMS Renown battlecruiser, but without any positive results.

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