FUSO class gallery

(rebuilt Fuso ship). The choice to mount the main artillery in six double turrets, reflected Japanese thought that they were more suitable to attack multiple targets. The 356mm gun reached 20,000 meters originally,  but after ships reconstruction the gun’s range was extended to 25,000 meters.
(rebuilt Fuso ship). Although they were well armed and protected, speed was never ideal in these ships, so they were relegated to secondary missions during WWII. The total engine’s power was nearly doubled after reconstruction, but speed only raises 2.2 knots.
(original Yamashiro ship). Since 1927, both ships had 3 airplanes for reconnaissance and directing artillery firing missions. They were the first ships to be rebuilt in the 30s, with improvements in armour, machinery and artillery and mounting modern radars and sensors.
(rebuilt Yamashiro ship). Yamashiro sank after taking 4 torpedoes and numerous impacts of 16in and 14in shells, and Fuso broke in two and sunk after taking 2 torpedoes fighting American forces in October 1944.

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