WYOMING class gallery

Due to the delay in the choice of weaponry, the Wyoming class carried 305mm guns, although it compensated that handicap with a new protection system. It also had a powerful secondary battery composed by twenty one 127/51mm guns and two 533mm torpedo tubes places under flotation line.
USS Arkansas with her original layout before the modernization. The Arkansas displaced 27,700 tons and with its 28,000 shp it reached little more than 20 knots. It was a fairly wide vessel, (28.4 meters), for her length of only 171 meters.
The USS Arkansas was rebuilt between 1925 and 1926 and during her modification oil-fired boilers were installed. In addition, torpedo bulges were fitted to improved their anti-torpedo protection and a new tripod mast was installed to carry radio antennas and searchlights. Finally, part of the secondary armament was also modified and torpedo tubes were removed.
In 1944, the Arkansas was designated as a shore bombardment vessel and participated in several support bombings. Among them, she was in Omaha Beach and Cherbourg during the Allied Liberation of Europe, and in 1945 she was supported Iwo Jima and Okinawa landings against the Japanese.
Beautiful artistic impression of USS Arkansas leaving her naval base, probably on the way to a shore bombardment mission to support some landing in the Pacific.

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