WARRIOR class gallery

HMS Achilles, (on the image), was the last to be completed in April 1917 and did not have a brilliant service record, (like the rest of her class). Despite being excellent cruisers, did not shine in WWI, Achilles was not in the largest Naval battle of the entire War, Jutland, because it was in dry dock during May 1916.
HMS Achilles, (on the image), was proclaimed as the best shootig ship of the British fleet in 1907 thanks to the stability of its design. Her BL 9.2-inch Mk X guns fired a 172.4 kg shell at 14,200 meters maximum distance. The maximum rate of fire for these guns was 3 rounds per minute.
HMS Cochrane, (on the image), and her sisters received modifications such as the lengthening of the funnels in 1912, the mounting of a Hotchkiss QF 6-pounder, (57mm), AA gun in 1915 or the replacement of the foremast by a tripod mast to support a fire control director in 1917.
(HMS Cochrane ship). Cochrane, Achilles and Natal were assigned to the 2nd Cruiser Squadron within the Grand Fleet during WWI, but did not participate in major combat actions. Cochrane was sent to Murmansk in 1918 during the Russian Civil War and shortly thereafter, in November 1918, she was stranded on the Mersey River where she broke in two.

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