WICHITA class gallery

USS Kalamazoo did not intervene in the Vietnam War and served with the Mediterranean fleet, so it participated in the “Operation Desert Storm” between December 1990 and June 1991. It was decommissioned in August 1996 and finally scrapped in 2008.
USS Milwaukee had a “tour” in Vietnam, from November 1972 through February 1973 and then enjoyed a peaceful service life without intervening in more conflicts. These vessels had good cargo capacity, although their speed was not adequate to support the attack carriers groups.
USS Wichita was the leader of the class, entered service in June 1969 and among its most well-known operations is to have directed the search operations of the sad and famous South Korean airliner KAL-007, shot down by a Soviet Su-15 fighter to confuse it with an American spy plane in August of 1983.

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