M-10 / M-10A1 GMC

The US Army took the decision to create units specially equipped for anti-tank fighting framed in the so-called Tank Destroyer Force. These units would be Battalion type and needed specific vehicles for the task entrusted. After several unsuccessful projects, in November 1941 a tank destroyer vehicle armed with a 76mm gun mounted on a rotating turret was requested. In April 1942, two vehicles designated as T-35 and T-35E1 were presented by Chrysler. In the first one, the 76mm M-7 gun (from M-6 heavy tank), was installed inside a cast, circular, open-topped turret over a M-4A2 Sherman tank hull.  The second vehicle had the same turret but it was mounted on a modified hull, lower and with sloped side armor. In June 1942, the T-35E1 was chosen for production under designation “3-inch Gun Motor Carriage M-10“. The Chrysler’s Fisher Tank Division began the production immediately, delivering the first vehicles in September 1942. The M-10A1 was built by Ford and began to be delivered in October 1942, this variant had the M-4A3 Sherman tank chassis instead of M-4A2 tank chassis.

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Country of origin

United States


Chrysler's Fisher Tank Division – Ford Motor Company


Tank destroyer

Entered service




Combat weight

29,445 kg

Dimensions (length x width x height)

6.80 x 3.04 x 2.89 meters

Armour, (maximum)

Steel: Hull front: 37mm – Hull side: 25mm – Hull rear: 25mm – Hull floor: 13mm
Steel: Turret front: 57mm – Turret side: 25mm – Turret Rear: 25mm – Turret Roof: 19mm

Power plant

M.10: 1 x General Motors 6046 Twin diesel engine, 375 hp
M.10A1: 1 x Ford GAA V8 petrol engine, 450 hp


54 km/h


M.10: 320 km – M.10A1: 260 km


1 x 76mm M.7 gun + 1 x 12.7mm M2 MG


54 x 76mm rounds + 300 x 12.7mm rounds


M.10: 4,993 – M.10A1: 1,413 + 300 chassis