VON DER TANN gallery

Von der Tann had a secondary armament composed by ten 150mm guns, sixteen 88mm guns and four 450mm torpedo tubes. The speed was one of the strong points of the ship, reaching in a cruise 28 knots, (52 km/h), something never seen for a ship of her size at that time.
Although the 280mm guns battery could seem outdated, the range, firing rate and quality of the German steel shells, more than compensated the lower German caliber. In the Battle of Jutland, the sinking of the  Indefatigable battlecruiser, after receiving 5 impacts from Von der Tann’s main artillery, demonstrates the previously written.
Von der Tann participated in several bombardments over the English coast. The first were on Scarborough and Whitby, in December 1914, where several coast guard stations and a signaling station were destroyed. Another was on Lowestoft, in April 1915, in which she destroyed two 152mm coastal defence batteries and caused damages on the town and the port.

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