Mk.46 torpedo gallery

The Mk.46 is a lightweight, high-performance torpedo that has become the standard anti-submarine weapon of many Navies of the World, especially allies of the United States. More than 30 countries are users of this efficient torpedo.
The torpedo weights little more than 230 kg, of which 43 kg belong to the warhead, composed by PBXN-103 high explosive, a kind of plastic explosive very handy and safe in handling, resistant to accidental explosions by contact.
Mk.46 torpedo has a range of about 11 km, almost twice the previous Mk.44, and reaches a speed in the water between 40 and 45 knots, enough to hunt any submarine that tries to escape at maximum speed.
The operational depth is estimated in almost 500 meters, which is enough to be able to reach almost any submarine currently in service. There are two variants from the 5A type, designated as Mk.46 Mod.5A (S) and Mod.5A (SW), this last designed to be used in shallow waters. In addition, there is another variant designated as NEARTIP, specially designed to combat vessels with anechoic coatings.

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