U class ZEPPELIN gallery

L-54 carried out 14 reconnaissance missions and 2 bombing raids, throwing almost 6 tons of bombs over England in its 11 months of activity within the fleet of German Navy Airships.
L-48 was shot down by British fighters and crashed in June 1917 near Great Yarmouth. The L-49 was forced to land in France when returning from a raid on England in October 1917 and was captured without damage by the French.
L-51 was destroyed in the explosion of the Ahlhorn hangar, Oldenburg, Germany, along with 4 other airships in January 1918. L-52 airship survived the WWI and was destroyed by its crew in June 1919 along with 6 other survivors zeppelins to avoid the use by German coup forces.
L-54 was destroyed on July 19, 1918, after a raid made by aircrafts from the British HMS Furious aircraft carrier. The aircrafts attacked the hangar where it was housed with other airships in Tonder, Denmark. This action was the World’s first bombing carried out from the deck of an aircraft carrier.

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