TYPE 726 “YUYI” gallery

China Navy’s Type 726 crafts suppose a very powerful and fast way to disembark on the beach a good number of troops in a single wave. Its load capacity is estimated in about 60 tons.
The “Yuyi” class have a maximum speed of about 80 knots, almost 150 km/h and a range of more than 300 km. The usual payload is composed by one tank and 70 troops or by 4 armoured vehicles. The dimensions of this LCACs have been adjusted to be able to operate mainly from the modern Yuzhao class LPD ships, which can hold up to four Type 726 LCACs.
Type 726 class hovercrafts had a defensive armament composed by two light machine guns and two heavy machine guns, so they can not support the troops once disembarked. Basically they perform the role of a ferry from the ships to the beach.

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