J-600T YILDIRIM gallery

Yildirim missile is a suitable tactical weapon to attack high-value targets, such as air bases, command centers and infrastructures such as bridges, railway junctions and headquarters. Everything related to Yildirim’s performances is kept secret, so many of the data are totally speculative, based on the characteristics of the Chinese missiles.
A complete Yildirim missiles battery is composed by a Battery Command & Control Vehicle, two Firing Team Command and Control Vehicles, six F-600T Launcher Vehicles, one Maintenance Vehicle and seven F-600T Reload Vehicles. For this composition we can assume that the battery is divided in two groups for greater tactical efficiency.
Yildirim, Yildirim II and Yildirim III missiles have an inertial and optical guide system. The target coordinates are loaded into the F-600T launcher before launch and is supported by the BAIKS system (Battery Fire Control System Computer) and the TOMES system (Artillery Meteorology System).
The range of the latest variants has been greatly improved. Currently, Yildirim II reaches 300 km and Yildirim III reaches 900 km. It seems that there is a new variant under development called Yildirim IV that would have a range of 2,500 km.

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